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Guardian Homes

When a family becomes a guardian home, the family receives a puppy free of charge.  The family raises the puppy as their own and pays the day-to-day, non-breeding expenses.  Osage Puppies LLC retains breeding rights to the guardian home dog.  Female dogs visit Osage Puppies briefly while in heat.  They return to stay with Osage Puppies for approximately one week before their due date until their puppies are approximately
6-8 weeks old.  They then return to their family.  Female guardian home dogs will be bred 4-5 times on average - and never more than 5 times.  When the guardian hom
e dog retires, Osage Puppies LLC will pay to spay your dog and the dog becomes a permanent part of your family forever.  Please contact us if you are interested and we will start the application process.

**We are currently accepting applications for a guardian homes**

Mini poodle-male 14lbs-ready now
Micro-Mini goldendoodle-female approx 10lbs-ready in July. 


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